Step 1
We need your authorisation

We need your authorisation to act on your behalf. With out this, you cannot submit or view your VAT returns using our bridging software.

It's easy. Once you are registered with us, just click on 'Authorisation' from your dashboard and we will direct you to HMRC to provide the authorisation. Once this is given (it's quick and easy), you're good to go.

Also take a moment to read our:

Terms of Use ➤
Privacy policy ➤

Step 2
Carry on as you are

Manage you VAT accounting as you have always done, using your favourite spreadsheet or accounting software.

You will need to create a separate tab which has the live VAT summary data (BOX1 to BOX9 required for your VAT return).

Then, when you're ready to submit your VAT return, export this tab to a CSV file. This is the file you upload to submit your return.

See our FAQs ➤ for data format and further information.

Step 3
MTD for VAT at your fingertips

With our MTD for VAT software you can:

File a VAT return.
When you're ready, export your VAT data to a CSV file, upload and submit.
You can check your file here➤

View outstanding VAT payments.

View past VAT returns.

View past VAT payments.

See if you have VAT penalties.

It's all free. There's no catch.

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